The Indian Armed Forces will only use weapons made in India

New Delhi – The Indian Government has decided to free the three wings of the Armed Forces from using weapons made in foreign countries. The companies manufacturing weapons needed by the forces will have to manufacture them in India. They will be allowed to export the weapons that they manufacture in their Indian units, to other countries. Presently, 67% of the weapons used by the forces are manufactured indigenously, while India fulfils 95% of the Indian Navy’s requirements.

The Government is going to abolish the ‘buy global’(purchase from abroad) category, by changing the security purchase policy. Under this category, foreign-made goods are imported. The Indian Air Force is eager to manufacture, fighter planes, helicopters, transport carriers, and drones in India.

There is a possibility that a country’s political alternatives become limited if there is a dependence on weapons manufactured on foreign soil. The powerful nations of the world use weapons manufactured in their own country. The ‘Brahmos’ missile, which is made through India Russia joint venture, has not been introduced in the Russian Army; as there is a ban on foreign-made weapons in Russia.

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