When are Kashmiri Hindus going to be rehabilitated in their Motherland ? : Mrs Rupa Mahadik of HJS

Mrs Rupa Mahadik

Satara (Maharashtra) – “The Indian Constitution promises security to every citizen; yet Kashmiri Hindus are living as refugees in their own land. When are they going to be rehabilitated in their Motherland ?”, asked Mrs Rupa Mahadik of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS)

A ‘Hindu Rashtrajagruti Sabha’ had been organised at Vekhandwadi in Patan Taluka. Vekhandwadi Sarpanch Mr Hanamant Pawar along with over 100 devout Hindus from Vekhandwadi and surrounding areas attended the Sabha.

Mrs Rupa Mahadik talked about the film ‘The Kashmir Files’. “This film was so much opposed that a Muslim has filed a petition against it in a Court. Some Muslim theatre owners didn’t display boards promoting the film or posters outside the theatres. In some places, the sound of the film was completely reduced while at some theatres, ‘House-full’ boards were displayed even when they were empty. This was an attempt to keep people away from this film. This is a kind of suppression of Hindus to ensure that their problems are not exposed to others. Only in the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ will the situation change”, she said.

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