Emmanuel Macron wins the French presidential election 

Paris (France) – Emmanuel Macron has once again won the presidential elections in France and he will be the President of France for the second time. Macron defeated Marine Le Pen with a big margin. Macron obtained 58% votes and Pen could get 42% votes. Pen has accepted defeat and extended good wishes to Macron. She said that Macron has really done well and it has been a great victory for him. When Macron had won for the first time, he had defeated Marine Le Pen. It was the third attempt of the Rightist Marine Le Pen to contest the election for the presidential post.

Macron could get votes for his work during the coronavirus pandemic, his stand on the Ukraine war and the relations he has maintained with the organisations at the international level.

The coming few years are going to be difficult ! – Macron

Macron said about his victory that he wanted a non-political society where men and women would have equality. The coming few years were certainly going to be difficult, but they would be historical. We have to come together and work for the future generation.

PM Modi congratulates Macron !

PM Modi congratulated Macron on his re-election. He said that his friend has been re-elected as the President of France; congratulations to him and he was looking forward to continuing working with Macron for strengthening the India-France strategic partnership.

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