Propagation of Christianity under the guise of education in secular India !

Students forced to worship Jesus for getting good marks !

Chennai – Cases of conversion of Hindus have become quite routine now in South India. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana State have become the citadels of Christians for Hindus’ conversions, while even in Tamil Nadu, the anti-Hindu conspiracy has crossed all limits. Under the guise of education, the propagation of Christianity is going on in this State. Students are told to worship Jesus for good marks, and Hindus are devils. Ranjan (name changed) from Tirunelveli informed the News 18 Channel about the conversion issue. The 30-year-old Ranjan said that he was advised to follow Jesus for getting good marks in school and he should not worship anyone other than Jesus so that no physical harm would be caused to him, and he would never be unsuccessful in life in whatever he did in any field. Ranjan’s father said that when he heard about it, he immediately removed his son from that school and put him in another school. He had lodged a complaint with the school administration, but nobody took any serious action on his complaint.

A few days back, a girl studying in the sixth standard in a school in Kanyakumari had complained to the school administration that one teacher from her school used to tell her and her classmates to read Bible and criticised Hindus’ Deities as devils. The teacher was dismissed from the school when the media drew attention to that incident.

As per the special report of the News 18 Channel, such propagation of religion under the guise of education was not limited to only schools, but it was going on even in tuition classes. Bhaskar, a Hindu working against conversions, said that he receives at least 2-3 cases of conversions every week.

Editorial viewpoints

  • When one State thinks about teaching Bhagawadgeeta, it creates raucous by all as ‘saffronisation’ of education, but they all are now tight-lipped about the open propagation of Christianity in schools and colleges ! It shows the hypocrisy of secularists !  
  • There is nothing surprising about such anti-Hindu activities since anti-Hindu DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) is in power in Tamil Nadu; therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Hindus electing such parties are responsible for the same !

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