Christian teacher in Tamil Nadu pressures a Hindu student to convert !

  • Mocked her for applying Holy ash on forehead for getting low marks !
  • Prohibited writing names of Hindu Deities !
  • Hindu Munnani alleges conversion of Hindus happening in all schools in Tamil Nadu !

Tiruppur (TN) – The parents of a Hindu student studying in 6th standard in a school here have lodged a complaint against the teacher for pressuring her to convert to Christianity. The school, Jayabai Municipal Girls Higher Secondary School, is run on a Government grant. Hindu Munnani, a devout-Hindu organisation, has released a video in this regard. In the video, the victim girl is seen to be narrating the injustice done to her.

1. Police officials said the parents’ complaint was being investigated. Senthil Kumar, secretary of Hindu Munnani Organisation, said, ‘Hindus are being converted in all schools in Tamil Nadu. What is the Government Education Department doing ? If due action is not taken in this case, it will lead to mass outbursts’.

2. Last week, a complaint was lodged in Kanyakumari against a Christian teacher for denigrating Hindu Deities and forcing students to pray in a Christian manner.

3. In January, a Hindu girl named Lavanya, a Class XII student at the Sacred Heart Higher Secondary School in Thanjavur, committed suicide after being pressured to convert to Christianity.

Shocking information given by a Hindu student !

1. Once the student got low marks in the exam, the teacher called her a ‘pattai-applying donkey’ (Holy ash applying).

2. The teacher once asked, ‘Who saved us by sacrificing their life ?’ The student gave an unexpected answer to the teacher. The teacher shouted, ‘Jesus Christ gave his life for us’ !

3. One day in a writing class, the victim girl wrote the names of ‘Murugan’, ‘Shrikrushna’, and other Hindu Deities in Tamil. Even then, the teacher told her not to do so.

4. The teacher pressured the student to pray according to Christianity.

5. The victim girl is humiliated as she wears Rudraksha around her neck. One day she was punished for it.

Editorial comments

  • What else can be expected in the State ruled by an anti-Hindu party like DMK ?
  • Nationwide Anti-Conversion Act is the only solution to such incidents !

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