India won’t spare anyone if harmed : Loud and clear message to China !

Rajnath Singh warns China

Editorial comment

India should be positioned in such a way that no country should dare to even think of harming India ! This issue of Pak sponsoring Jihadi terrorists to target the Hindus and armed forces should also be resolved permanently.

San Francisco (USA) – Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh was speaking in front of Indians residing in the USA. He further stated that India has become powerful under the leadership of PM Modi. India is also one of the top three economies. China has been warned that any country which dares to harm India will not be spared.

The USA was seen pressurising India regarding the Russia-Ukraine war. Without mentioning the USA, Rajnath Singh clarified that just because India has a positive relationship with one country does not mean a relationship with the other country should be spoilt. India believes in a bilateral relationship that creates a win-win situation for both countries.

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