I was shot at when I tackled sword-wielding miscreant dashing towards Hindus: Wounded SP

A case of Shriram Navami procession attacks by religious fanatics in Khargone, MP

Editorial Comments

  • The pampering of religious fanatics by all-party rulers for the last 74 years has made them audacious. It is a shame for the country that they do not care about the Police Officers also.
  • Why are the secularists, progressives and the International media that raised a hue and cry over the bulldozed illegal constructions silent on these fanatical acts of the religious fanatics ?
(Left) SP  Siddhartha Chaudhary

Khargone (MP) – Religious fanatics had attacked a procession of Hindus on the day of Ram Navami, to which Hindus had retaliated. Police fired tear gas shells to bring the situation under control. SP  Siddhartha Chaudhary, present there, was injured in the scuffle. He had to be hospitalised. While talking about the attacks with the media, he said, during the riots, a miscreant ran toward the Hindus with a sword in his hand. My hand was injured while I tried to stop him and snatch the sword from him. I was shot at by another man who came to help him. The bullet hit me in the leg.

On Ram Navami, riots had taken place at Talab Chowk, Sheetlamata Mandir and Saraf Bazaar in the city. Some houses were also set on fire. Authorities tried to quell the protest with the available Police forces, special services and the Army. The Administration demolished the houses because the religious fanatics constructed them by illegally occupying the land.