‘The Kashmir Files’ is false propaganda ! : (Whines) NCP Chief Sharad Pawar

Editorial Comment

  • The injustice to Kashmiri Hindus has been suppressed for 32 years by so-called secularists such as Pawar. Since this is being exposed now, Hindus are becoming more vigilant; political parties of leaders like Pawar’s will have to face its consequences in the elections, hence his whining !
  • Since Hindus are becoming more vigilant, leaders such as Pawar will have to face its consequences in the elections !

Delhi : Sharad Pawar was addressing the NCP’s minority unit in Delhi when he said that ‘The Kashmir Files’ spreads false propaganda about the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from the Valley. Pawar asserted, “Such a film should not have been cleared for screening. But it is given tax concessions and those responsible for keeping the country united are encouraging people to watch the film that stokes anger among people”.

Pawar added that though Kashmiri Pandits had to leave the Valley, Muslims were targeted too. He blamed it all on Pakistani terrorists and BJP. Pawar probably forgot that Bitta Karate and Yasin Malik were local Kashmiris, not Pakistanis. Pawar used the favourite argument of the Left-liberals that VP Singh was the PM and Jagmohan was the Governor when the exodus happened. He did not explain why Girija Tickoo was killed by Islamists in collusion with her own colleagues, why local mosques blared slogans of ‘Raliv, Tsaliv ya Galiv” (convert, flee or die), and why local Muslims participated in the killing of Kashmiri Hindus.