A video The Untold Kashmir Files based on the atrocities against all Kashmiris released

As ‘The Kashmir Files’ highlights the atrocities against Hindus only, unrest grows among Kashmiri Muslims.

An attempt to show that Kashmiri Muslims are also victims of jihadi terrorism.

Editorial Comments

  • No one denies that many Kashmiri Muslims fell victim to jihadi terrorism, but how many Kashmiri Muslims have raised their voices against this jihadi terrorism ? How many of them discouraged the stone-pelters and persuaded them not to carry out anti-national activities ?  How many opposed those who chanted slogans of Pakistan Zindabad, We will snatch Independence ? How many people demand that the Government resettles Kashmiri Hindus in Kashmir Valley ? India should get these answers to these valid questions.
  • After watching the film The Kashmir Files, young Kashmiri Muslims were expected to accept mistakes made by their forefathers and demand that Hindus be resettled in the Kashmir Valley, but even after a month after the release of the movie, why there is no such demand ?
  • Please note that the atrocities against Kashmiri Hindus will not stop even after the release of such a film.

New Delhi – The Jammu and Kashmir Police released a 57-minute video titled, The untold Kashmir Files on social media. It depicts that all the Kashmiris have suffered the scourge of terrorism, irrespective of their faith. The video was released on 31st March and incidentally, on 4th April, migrants and Kashmiri Hindus were attacked again. The video, The Untold Kashmir Files is set against the backdrop of the much talked about movie The Kashmir Files, which portrays the agony of Kashmiri Pandits. According to the Jammu and Kashmir Police, the video shows photographs of bereaved Kashmiri people. It shows that Kashmir has lost more than 20,000 lives in terrorist attacks in Kashmir.

Attempt to build trust among all Kashmiris – An Administrative official from Kashmir

 Editorial Comment

Not by releasing such videos, but when the religious fanatics give up their jihadi attitude, then an atmosphere of trust, in its true sense, will be created in Kashmir.

“The issue is the film is being used to push a particular narrative. But that is causing problems here. Everyone here watches national TV channels. With Pakistan relatively on a leash due to the threat of FATF sanctions, this was the right time to apply balm to the wounds and usher in peace,” a J&K Police officer said.