Teachers wearing hijabs will not be appointed as supervisors in exam duty : Karnataka Govt

Editorial Comment 

Hindus feel that such decisions should also be taken by the other BJP-ruled States in the country.

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – Karnataka Government has decided that a teacher wearing a hijab cannot be appointed as a supervisor during the exam duty.  Earlier the Karnataka Government banned wearing the hijab in educational institutions. Last week, a teacher from Mysuru insisted on wearing a hijab to take up exam duty, so the teacher was relieved from exam duty.

1. Karnataka’s Primary and Secondary Education Minister BC Nagesh said,  ‘there is no dress code for Government employees. As hijab is not allowed inside the examination hall for students, to be morally right, we are not forcing teachers who insist on wearing the hijab to take up exam duty. Such teachers are relieved from exam duty.’

2. A Government College Principal said that if there is a shortage of supervisors at the time of university examinations, we can get the school’s secondary teachers to fill in the spots.

3. Former Vice-Chancellor of Bangalore University MM Thimmappa has welcomed the Government’s decision. He said that teachers and students cannot have different rules.