If the loudspeakers on the mosques are not removed, then we will play bhajans on the loudspeakers !

Warning of Mr Pramod Muthalik, Founder President of Sri Ram Sena

        Editorial comments

  • Please note that despite the Supreme Court order, the Police do not take action against the loudspeakers on the mosques but will immediately send a notice to Mr Muthalik in this case !
  • Citizens are greatly disturbed by the noise made by loudspeakers mounted on mosques. Some alert citizens constantly follow up with the administration and the Police regarding this issue, but it is of no use. And hence, devout Hindus are compelled to take such a stance !

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – ‘Loudspeakers on mosques should be banned as per the Supreme Court order to prevent sound pollution. Orders regarding peace zones, such as schools and hospitals, are also flouted by the mosque administration. We have appealed to Belgaum Tehsildar to ban the loudspeakers playing on mosques at 5 a.m. The Pollution Control Board (PCB) has not taken any action even after lodging complaints about the loudspeaker noise. We are not against prayer; we are against loudspeakers.

Therefore, if the loudspeakers on the mosques are not removed, then we will play bhajans on the loudspeakers in the morning’, the Founding President of Sri Ram Sena, Mr Pramod Muthalik has warned the Karnataka Government. He said, ‘There had been demands in this regard earlier too, but they were ignored. Thus, the mosque administration should be informed about this, and the use of loudspeakers should be avoided’.

According to Bharat Shetty, a member of the Bajrang Dal, the agitation against mosque loudspeakers will start from the Anjaneya temple in Bengaluru and then spread across the State.

Will run a campaign to start morning chanting in temples in Karnataka – Yogeshwar Rishi Kumar Swami, Priest of Kali Math

The Priest of Kali Math, Yogeshwar Rishi Kumar Swami, said that a campaign will be launched in all the temples across the State for morning chanting and recitation of Shlokas. He was arrested a few weeks ago for appealing to demolish a mosque.

Solution to this can be sought by taking Muslims into confidence – KS Eshwarappa, State’s Cabinet Minister

Karnataka Minister KS Eshwarappa has also supported this demand. He said, ‘The solution to this issue can be sought by taking Muslims into confidence. Owing to the trouble it causes to patients and students, it is necessary. In Maharashtra, MNS chief Raj Thackeray had demanded that loudspeakers on mosques be removed and said that Hanuman Chalisa would be played on the loudspeaker; however, if the language of direct confrontation is used in such a manner, it can lead to conflict between the two communities. Thus, if Muslim brothers keep loudspeakers limited to mosques only, it will not bother other citizens’.

Not everyone can be forced to accept the High Court order – Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai

‘There is a High Court order regarding loudspeakers, but people cannot be forced to accept it. This should be discussed with the concerned people. This is not just about Azaan; it is about all the loudspeakers. Hence, we will decide on this soon’, Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said.