Walt Disney wants to include a large number of homosexual characters in entertainment series !

Pervert way of grooming children’s minds in the US !

Editorial comments

  • Organisations protest against the law in the US State of Florida that prohibits sex education for children up to the class of three !
  • The United States, which is already a blot in the name of culture and leading society to ruin, is about to inflict homosexuality on the minds of its children. Will the Indians who blindly imitate them learn anything from this ?

California (USA) – The American company Walt Disney, which has been making kids crazy by making entertainment series with many fictional characters like ‘Mickey Mouse’ and ‘Donald Duck’, has now taken a perverse decision. The company has protested against a law in the State of Florida in the United States that prohibits sex education for children up to the 3rd Standard. The law was opposed by a large number of homosexual employees of the company, who decided to include homosexual characters in programs for young children.

Karey Burke, President of Walt Disney’s general entertainment has promised in a company meeting that nearly half of all Disney characters would either be LGBTQ+ or racial minorities by the end of this year.