Karnataka Govt will remove text that hurts the sentiments of Brahmin community

Editorial comment

The congratulatory decision of the BJP Government of Karnataka. It is necessary to take strict action against the anti-Brahmin writers along with removing such anti-Brahmin writings from the textbooks.

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – The school textbook review committee set up by the Karnataka Government has suggested that part of a chapter that hurts the sentiments of the Brahmin community should be removed, and information about Sanatan Dharma should be added instead.

The introductory part of the 6th chapter of the 8th standard class’s Social Science textbook states food was scarce during the Vaidik period as Brahmins used ghee and milk for Havana (It shows how irrational information was included in the textbooks due to low-level anti-Brahmin thinking – Editor) The Sanskrut language which was used in chanting mantras in religious ceremonies was not understood by the common people of that time. Whereas, Buddhism and Jainism were taught in a simple way, which led to the growth of these religions. This writing can hurt the sentiments of Brahmins. So, it was decided to remove this writing.

In February 2021, members of the Karnataka State Brahmin Development Board met the then Chief Minister and objected to parts of text in a Social Science textbook. The Yeddyurappa Government then issued a circular on 17th February 2021, instructing that the lesson should neither be taught nor used for evaluation.

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