Religious fanatic threatens to kill Muslim youth for raising BJP flag on house : Police registered FIR

Editorial comments

  • This shows that Muslims who support BJP are living insecure lives in the country. Why are the secularists now silent otherwise they rant that ‘Muslims in the country are insecure’ ?
  • Would those who hold Hindus hostage and find them intolerant talk about this incident ?

Kanpur (UP) – While the murder case of  Babar Ali, a BJP supporter from Kushinagar is fresh, a similar case has come to light from Kanpur. Shakeel Ahmed, a well-educated Muslim youth was threatened by his neighbour Shahnawaz. Shanawaz threatened to take out Shakeel’s eyes and cut off his head after he raised a BJP flag on his house. Not only that but he was also beaten up by some religious fanatics. Police have registered a case against Shahnawaz, Rashid, Rizwan and Bhallu following a complaint lodged by Shakeel in the case. Police are investigating the case and no arrests have been made so far.

According to a report in Loksatta, Shakeel said that he has been a supporter of the BJP since 2013. In this year’s Assembly elections, he had hoisted the BJP flag on his house, while everyone around him had hoisted the Congress flag. For this reason, his neighbours were displeased with him and altogether removed the BJP flag from his house. Shakeel raised the flag again due to which he received the threats.

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