‘The Kashmir Files’ should not have been cleared for screening : Sharad Pawar

Editorial comment

The injustice done to Kashmiri Hindus has been suppressed for the last 32 years by so-called secularists like Sharad Pawar. Since this is now being exposed, Hindus are becoming more and more vigilant and the political parties of leaders like Sharad Pawar will have to face its consequences in the elections. Thus, they are making such statements !

New Delhi – ‘Kashmiri Pandits had to leave Kashmir Valley, but Muslims were also targeted there. BJP is harming the religious and social atmosphere through ‘The Kashmir Files’. There was no need to allow the screening of this film either. BJP leaders are encouraging people to watch the film by making it tax-free without trying to maintain social harmony in the country’, Sharad Pawar said. He also alleged that if the Narendra Modi Government really cared about Kashmiri Pandits, it should make every effort for their rehabilitation and not stoke anger against Muslims. He was speaking at a programme organised by the minority wing of the Nationalist Congress Party in Delhi. He also alleged that BJP was trying to pollute the minds of children through school curriculum.

Pawar further said, ‘Terrorist organisations in Pakistan were responsible for the attacks on Kashmiri Pandits and Muslims. Also, it is not appropriate to hold Nehru accountable for the Kashmir issue. When the Kashmiri Pandit left the valley, Vishwanath Pratap Singh’s Government was at the Centre. This Government was backed by BJP. Mufti Mohammad Saeed was the Union Home Minister, Jagmohan was the Governor. It was this Jagmohan who had contested the Lok Sabha elections in Delhi on a BJP ticket’.

I respect him although I can see his hypocrisy : Vivek Agnihotri

Vivek Agnihotri, director of The Kashmir Files, responded to Pawar’s remarks by tweeting, ‘I met Sharad Pawar and his wife on a flight a few days ago. When I touched his feet at that time, both congratulated me and extended good wishes to me and my wife Pallavi Joshi. I do not know what happened to them in front of the media. I respect him even though I can see his hypocrisy’.

While criticising, Pawar had also said that advantage of being taken under the name of Kashmiri Pandits. Responding to this, Vivek Agnihotri said, ‘Respected Sharad Pawarji, in a poor country like India, how much wealth, in your opinion, a political leader should have amassed on his own ? Why is there so much poverty in India ?, Who else would know this better than you ? May God grant you long life and wisdom’.