Seven teachers suspended for allowing Hijab-clad students to appear for exams

Editorial comments

  • It should not be a surprise if the so-called progressives make a fuss about this !
  • Please note that those protesting against this action will never utter a word about the religious fanatical students violating the High Court verdict that contained an order not to wear hijab in educational institutions !

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – Seven teachers in Gadag District have been suspended for allowing hijab-clad students to appear for exams. The suspended teachers are identified as SU Hokkala, SM Pathar, SG Godage, SS Gujamagadi, VN Kivudara, KB Bajanthri, and BS Honnagudi. An investigation is also ordered against them. The incident took place on 28th March and action was taken against the teachers after its video went viral. The devout Hindu organisation Sri Ram Sena had also demanded action against these teachers.

Regarding the incident, the State’s Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, BC Nagesh, told reporters that the Government has issued orders on hijab to all educational institutions in the State in accordance with the High Court laws and judgment. Action will be taken against Government employees who do not comply with these orders. That is why action has been taken against these teachers.

40 religious fanatic students from Udupi District boycott exams !

Editorial comment

Please note that the so-called progressives, the Congress party, and the anti-Hindu media, which regard devout Hindus as backwards and spew venom against them, endorse the religious fanatic students in the Hijab case ! Doesn’t boycotting exams for hijab seem backwards to them ?

On the other hand, 40 religious fanatic students from Udupi District decided to boycott the 12th standard examination that was held on 29th March as they were prohibited from wearing hijab. Among them are 24 students from Kundapur, 14 students from Bindur, and 2 students from Udupi Government Girls’ PU College. The High Court had ruled two weeks ago that the hijab was not a mandatory practice in Islam and would remain banned in educational institutions.

Some religious fanatic students boycott exams in Bagalkot District too !

Similarly, some religious fanatic students wearing hijab in the Ilkal area of ​​Bagalkot District refused to take the exam and boycotted the exam, thereby preferring the hijab over the exam.

Hijab-loving teacher suspended !

A teacher named Noor Fatima, who went hijab-clad for the 10th board exam in Bengaluru on 28th March, was also suspended recently.

Most Muslim students prefer exams over hijab !

Apart from these incidents, most Muslim students preferred exams over the hijab. (It is thus evident that most Muslim students are giving preference to exams and the hijab issue is nothing less than a drama ! – Editor)