Javed Beigh of PDF(S), appeals to Kashmiri Muslims to apologise to Kashmiri Hindus

It was a mistake of our previous generation and they were responsible for grave atrocities against Kashmiri Hindus !

Editorial Comment

A mere apology will not suffice. It is unlikely that Kashmiri Muslims will apologise for the genocide. Hence, the Central Government must make efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice. This may heal the wounds of Kashmiri Hindus to some extent. 

New Delhi – ‘The Kashmir Files’ has become a national hit in less than a week of its release and the ‘genocide’ of Kashmiri Hindus at the hands of Jihadi terrorists and Islamic gangs has become a hot topic of discussion in the country and abroad. However, the religious fanatics and the Hinduphobic intellectuals have opposed this movie.

Against this backdrop, Javed Beigh, General Secretary of People’s Democratic Front (Secular) said, “The Kashmiri Muslims should apologise for the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus. It was a mistake of our previous generation and they were indeed responsible for the grave atrocities against the Hindus”.

1. In his tweet, Beigh has shared the picture of Girija Tickoo, one of the victims of the genocide. In 1989, five religious fanatics abducted and gang-raped Girija. Later, these monsters cut her in half with a mechanical saw while she was still alive.

2. Beigh further stated, “I am a Kashmiri Muslim. Our Pandit sister Girja Tikoo was cut into pieces (while she was alive) by militants from Kashmiri Muslim families who had guns from Pakistan, all in name of ‘Azadi’. This is a fact, not propaganda. I fold my hands and apologise to Kashmiri Hindus”.

The Kashmiri Muslims should be ashamed of themselves !

Javed Beigh has also shared a video of his conversation with ANN News Kashmir (a Kashmiri news channel). In the video, he said, “Where are those who killed Kashmiri Hindus ? They did not come from Baramulla; they came from our own homes. Kashmiri Hindus did not come from foreign lands, they were our kin. Even the animals do not kill their breed. Lion never hunts a lion. Dogs never bite dogs. At least now (post-revelation of the truth by ‘The Kashmir Files’) we should be ashamed of ourselves”.