Religious fanatics will not be allowed to have shops on the premises of the famous Hosa Marigudi temple in Udupi District : Temple administration

Only Hindu shopkeepers will be allowed to sell puja material during the annual festival

Editorial comment

The commendable decision of temple administration ! Such a decision was, however, expected much earlier. Are Hindus allowed to have shops outside most of the mosques or churches ? Or even if they have, will the religious fanatics buy anything from them ?

Hosa Marigudi temple

Udupi (Karnataka) –  The administration of the Hosa Marigudi temple at Kaup in the District has decided to stop religious fanatics from setting up shops in the temple area. The fanatic shopkeepers selling puja material had called a ‘bandh’ on the 17th of March to protest against the Karnataka High Court’s decision to continue the ban on ‘hijab’ in schools and colleges. Hindu devotees faced a lot of inconvenience during the ‘bandh’ period; therefore, Hindu Jagaran Vedike (an organisation creating awareness amongst Hindus)’ had written a letter to Kaup municipality demanding a ban on religious fanatics for setting up shops in temple premises during the temple’s annual fair. A similar letter was also written to the temple administration. The temple administration has, therefore, taken such a decision, as per Prashant Shetty, President, the temple administration.

1. On the other hand, Vyankatesh Navada, the Chief Officer of the Municipality said that the letters from pro-Hindu organisations were received, but in a secular country like India, people following any religion can open shops anywhere. (Hindus have always suffered due to such a secular attitude of the administration. Why the Municipality didn’t show secularism when the religious fanatics had observed ‘bandh’ and closed shops selling puja material ? Why no action was taken against them ? – Editor)

2. The Hindu shopkeepers, who have been granted permission to set up stalls in temple premises, should give a guarantee to the temple administration of not setting up the stalls in partnership with any religious fanatics. It will be proper from the viewpoint of law and order, felt the temple administration.

100 stalls to be set up only by Hindus !

The annual fair of the temple is being held on 22nd and 23rd March, wherein around 1 lakh devotees are expected to visit. Only Hindus have, therefore, been given permission to set up stalls with such a viewpoint. On the 18th of March, the area has been earmarked for setting up 100 stalls and only Hindus have been granted permission to set up stalls for the sale of flowers, coconuts, prasad, etc.