Only way forward for Congress is collective, inclusive leadership : Voice of rebel leaders of the Congress

Disagreement among the Congress resurfaces

Editorial comments

  • When Congress is unable to keep the party united, how can it keep the country united ?
  • No wonder, Congress has suffered this misfortune for treating Hindus as second-class citizens. It has not learned a lesson yet. Therefore, it will not be surprising if Congress becomes History.
(From left) G-23 group leader Ghulam Nabi Azad

New Delhi – After having suffered a drastic defeat in the Assembly elections of the five States, Sonia Gandhi, the High Command of the Congress, had a dialogue for the first time with some leaders of the rebel group ‘G-23’. This dialogue took place on 16th March at Ghulam Nabi Azad’s residence. Mani Shankar Aiyar, MP and Punjab’s former Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, his wife Parneet Kaur, Shankar Singh Waghela, leaving the Congress in 2017 and now likely to rejoin the Congress, etc. were present at this meeting.

1. G-23 leaders published an authorised statement that states – we trust that the only way to lead the Congress ahead is the collective all-inclusive leadership.

2. The statement further says that to oppose BJP, Congress needs to be strong. Then only in 2024, the public will have a reliable alternative.

What is G-23 in Congress ?

After having suffered a drastic defeat in the 2019 Parliamentary Elections, the Party President Rahul Gandhi had resigned. Later Sonia Gandhi was chosen as the temporary President. Despite having no official responsibility for the party, Rahul Gandhi was taking all decisions for the party. Conflict arose within the party concerning the method of the Gandhi family’s handling of the Party. Many veteran leaders started demanding the change in the leadership of the Party in the interest of regaining the lost glory of the Congress. The group of these 23 opposing leaders are known to be G-23. This conflict between ‘loyal to Gandhi family’ verses the ‘rebel group’ started rising. It has reached the point of no return after having suffered the drastic defeat of the Congress in the Assembly elections of the five States.

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