Badruddin Ajmal demands a ban on the movie The Kashmir Files as it could stoke communal tensions

Editorial Comments

  • The genocide of Kashmiri Hindus was a jihad waged by religious fanatics against Hindus. Instead of demanding action on such jihad, this MP demands a ban on the movie !
  • This demand is nothing but suppression of truth. Better not to think how these MPs who take the side of lies would work for the country.

Guwahati (Assam) – Assam’s Dhubri MP Badruddin Ajmal has demanded a ban over the newly released film, ‘The Kashmir Files’ across the country to avoid communal tensions. He further said, “I haven’t watched this movie. The situation is not the same in present-India, many incidents happened beyond Kashmir, and no one made a movie on them.”

Investigate Kashmir case through retired judges – Farooq Abdullah

Former Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah demanded an investigation of The Kashmir Files through retired judges.

Abdullah said, every film uniquely portrays a story, not every story is true. To find out the truth, how did the incident in Kashmir happen ? Why did it happen ? Who is the culprit ? etc. should be probed.

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