I am ready to make a film on ‘The Gujarat Files’; just PM Modi should assure the freedom of expression !

Demand by the director Vinod Kapri !

Editorial comments

  • Why didn’t Vinod Kapri think of making such a film before ? Now, after the atrocities on Hindus have come to light through ‘The Kashmir Files’, isn’t remembering the riots in Gujarat the hatred for Hindus ?
  • It won’t be a wonder if the film by the director Vinod Kapri is protested by Hindus !

Mumbai- The national award-winning director Vinod Kapri has expressed his readiness to make the film ‘The Gujarat Files’.

He has tweeted that some producers are ready for the production of this film. But he has a condition that the freedom of expression that the Prime Minister is talking about now, should be assured for this film as well.

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