399 Hindus and 15,000 Muslims were killed in Kashmir ! : Kerala Congress blurts out

  • Kerala Congress’ anti-Hindu tweet regarding the movie ‘The Kashmir Files’
  • Tweet deleted after facing backlash
Editorial comments

  • Jihadi terrorists brutally killed thousands of Hindus, raped countless women, displaced 4.5 lakh Hindus from Kashmir, but Congress does not even utter a word of protest about it ! On the contrary, it is rubbing salt on the wounds of Hindus by saying that ‘more Muslims were killed in Kashmir than Kashmiri Hindus’ ! This is the extreme anti-Hindu, and Muslim appeasing attitude of Congress !
  • No wonder Congress has not delivered justice to Kashmiri Hindus in so many years !
Kerala Congress’ anti-Hindu tweet regarding the movie ‘The Kashmir Files’

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) – Kerala Congress had tweeted an anti-Hindu tweet on its official Twitter account. The post read, ‘It was the terrorists who targeted the Pandits. In 17 years (1990-2007), 399 Pandits were killed in terrorist attacks. The number of Muslims killed by terrorists in the same period was 15,000’.

Congress further said in the tweet,

At that time, Kashmiri Hindus had fled from Kashmir Valley under the direction of the then Governor Jagmohan. Jagmohan was a Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh man.

The exodus of Kashmiri Hindus started during the BJP supported VP Singh Government. The VP Singh Government came to power in December 1989. The exodus of Kashmiri Hindus started one month thereafter. The BJP did nothing about it and continued supporting VP Singh’s Government till November 1990.

The Congress-led United Progressive Alliance Government built 5,242 houses for Kashmiri Hindus in Jammu. In addition, financial assistance of ₹5 lakhs was provided to the families of Hindus there. Scholarships were given to students from these families, while welfare schemes were implemented for farmers.

Rajiv Gandhi was given information about terrorism in 1988 !

The tweet from Congress was heavily criticised on social media. People bombarded Congress with questions.

1. A Twitter user ‘PallaviCT’ replied to Congress, ‘You are acting as if Kashmir was Jannat before 1990. Do you deny that Governor Jagmohan, from the beginning of 1988, had started sending “Warning Signals” to Rajiv Gandhi govt about the gathering storm in Kashmir? (sic)’

2. A user named Vijay said that Governor Jagmohan had written to the then Central Government saying, ‘You and the people around you do not have the time, interest, and vision to pay attention to these signals (activities of terrorist organisations)’. Jagmohan felt that the Government’s neglect of Kashmiri Hindus was a crime.

3. A user named Sumit Bhasin posted a picture of former Congress Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh with Yasin Malik, a separatist leader in Kashmir, and demanded clarification from Congress.

4. In a reminder to Congress, a user named ‘Kumar 4018’ said, ‘Such incidents do not happen in a day. Rajiv Gandhi was the Prime Minister till December 1989. Riots had been raging in Kashmir since 1986. Rajiv Gandhi’s Government was in power then’.

After the backlash, Kerala Congress deleted its anti-Hindu tweet.

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