A religious fanatic youth wearing burqa and molesting girls outside the college arrested at Bijnor (UP)

Editorial comment

After this incident, it is clear that burqas are not just being used for terrorist activities, hooliganism, but also for molesting girls. At least now, the burqa should be banned in public places in the country.

Bijnor (UP) – A young man named Sohail was caught by local people and was handed over to the Police for harassing girls. He was wearing a burqa and mask for concealing himself to molest girls outside a college in Nazibabad. Initially, Police considered him as a girl because of the burqa but after hearing the male voice, the mask & the burqa was forcibly removed to reveal his real identity. He was indeed a man wearing the burqa. For the last 3 days, he wore burqa and was constantly molesting girls. He molested the girls on a public bus as well. He was later arrested and handed over to the Police by local people.

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