Mohammad Khan, a father of four children, sexually exploits a minor Hindu girl by pretending to be a Hindu !

Incident took place in Bhind, Madhya Pradesh

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It is annoying that despite having a law against ‘love jihad’ in Madhya Pradesh, religious fanatics are cheating Hindu girls and ruining their lives ! Such arrogant fanatics must be severely punished !

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Bhind (MP) – A religious fanatic named Mohammad Khan hid his real identity and introduced himself as a Hindu to a minor Hindu girl. He then sexually abused her by luring her of marriage. Mohammad Khan is married and has four children.

According to the information given by the Police, 10 months ago, a Hindu girl came in contact with Mohammad Khan through a phone call. The two were then acquainted. At that time, Mohammad Khan said that his name was Nishant Kumar. A few days later, Mohammad Khan sexually exploited the girl by promising to marry her. A few months later, when the girl saw the voter ID card of Mohammad Khan, she came to know his real name. Realising the truth, the girl broke ties with Mohammad Khan. He then went to the girl’s house and created havoc. Hearing the commotion, the neighbours came and beat up Mohammad Khan and handed him over to the Police.




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