Inox shows ‘The Kashmir Files’ as Housefull in Madgaon, Goa even when it was not !

Devout Hindu activists asked Inox’s manager to respond; the manager tried to cover up the incident !

 The movie was screened in only three cinemas in the entire State of Goa !

Madgaon (Goa) – The movie ‘The Kashmir Files’ is being screened at Inox Cinema in the Osia Commercial Arcade in Madgaon. On 12th March, when 30-40% of the seats in the theatre were vacant, a shocking incident of putting up a ‘Housefull’ board took place outside the cinema hall. The ‘Housefull’ notice for the movie was also posted on the online booking website ‘Book My Show’. After this incident came to light, Mr Jayesh Naik, a resident and a devout Hindu, and other pro-Hindu activists slammed the management of Inox in this regard. At that time, the manager gave vague answers. The video is going viral on social media.

Although there are many cinemas in the State of Goa, it has come to light that ‘The Kashmir Files’ is being featured in only 3 cinemas so far. According to the website, there is only 1 show in Inox cinema in Madgaon, 1 show in Inox cinema on DB Road in Panaji, and 2 shows in Inox cinema in Mall de Goa in Bardez taluka.

Conspiracy against the film which reveals the atrocities against Hindus ! – Angry reaction of devout Hindus

Mr Jayesh Naik and other devout Hindus asked the management, ‘Posters of all the films screened in the cinemas have been put up outside the cinemas; but even though the movie ‘The Kashmir Files’ was screened in the cinema, why not a single poster of it was put up outside the cinema ? On what basis does the cinema management say that the movie is ‘Housefull’ even though 30-40% of the seats in the cinema are vacant when ‘The Kashmir Files’ is running ? If the management claims that tickets have been sold for the vacant seats in the cinema, then the management should give details about who bought these tickets. We will not remain silent about this, because this is a big conspiracy. There is a big conspiracy to create the impression that ‘people should not watch movies’ and ‘people don’t like the movie’. The cinema management tried to cover up the incident by saying they will enquire about the matter.

Z Square cinema management decides to screen ‘The Kashmir Files’ in Vasco after being contacted by devout Hindus

As ‘The Kashmir Files’ was not screened in the renowned cinema hall ‘Z Square’ in Vasco, devout Hindu activists asked the management of the cinema hall about this. The film will then be screened at the Z Square Theater in Vasco on 13th March at 6 p.m., management said.

‘Movie Jihad’ in Goa ! – Hindu Raksha Maha Aghadi, Goa

The movie Jihad has begun in Goa. The practice of suppressing ticket sales for the movie ‘The Kashmir Files’ and creating the impression that people do not like the movie has started in Goa. A devout Hindu Mr Jayesh Naik asked the concerned people regarding this. Many congratulations to him !

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  1. On Wikipedia there is a hate bias against this film.

    How expected…

    The hate crusade against Kashmir Files is done by the same wikipedia trolls who have since years maligned Vivek Agnihotri and his earlier films.

    And the same trolls who have since years maligned Hindus and Hinduism in wikipedia.

    And the same genocide deniers who have been whitewashing every Hindu genocide and every massacre on Hindus on wikipedia.

    These include Abhimanyu Lele Vanamonde93, Tayi Arajakate, Fowler, Reddyuday Kautilya3.

    Notice that one of the them, TrangaBellam, is a sockpuppet (he is the same user as Aruneek Biswas, Winged Blades of Godric and Walrus Ji. They are the same user and somebody should carefully investigate and present all the evidence.


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