Will those who falsely implicated Vinay Pawar and Sarang Akolkar repent ? : Mr Chetan Rajhans (National Spokesperson of Sanatan Sanstha)

Sanatan Sanstha taught Indian Army, reporters, society, etc. how to overcome stress and yet it is termed anti-social !

Mr Chetan Rajhans (National Spokesperson of Sanatan Sanstha)

Mumbai – “In 2016, CBI implicated Vinay Pawar and Sarang Akolkar in Dr Dabholkar murder case. The same CBI arrested Sachin Andure and Sharad Kalaskar in 2018 and filed a criminal case against them. Despite the fact that Vinay Pawar and Sarang Akolkar are innocent, the CBI accused them of the murder and ANiS followers put up posters all over the State. Will the CBI and ANis followers who falsely implicated Vinay Pawar and Sarang Akolkar and defamed them apologise to the family members of these two ? Will the ANiS followers atone for their mistake ?”, asked Mr Chetan Rajhans (National Spokesperson of Sanatan Sanstha) in a Press Conference. Mr Sunil Ghanavat (National Convener of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti) was also present.

“When an ANiS activist was found involved in Naxal activities, Dr Dabholkar had said, “How does one activist’s involvement in Naxal activities make the entire organisation (ANiS) Naxal ?” Why is same rule not applied to Sanatan Sanstha ? By arresting people who are not Sanatan’s seekers, how does the entire Sanatan Sanstha become anti-social ? When various Political parties are filled with people who have criminal backgrounds, why are they not labelled ‘criminal parties’; then, how does Sanatan Sanstha become anti-social ? Lakhs of people have been emancipated by performing spiritual practice advised by Sanatan Sanstha. Lakhs of children have developed the desired virtues. Thousands have overcome addictions and are leading a tension-free life; yet Sanatan Sanstha is labelled as anti-social. Sanatan raised its voice against corruption in the management of wealth being offered by devotees to the temples under Government control; during the corona pandemic, Sanatan taught Indian Army, reporters, society, etc. how to overcome stress and yet Sanatan Sanstha is termed anti-social. In the past 10 years, despite many allegations against Sanatan Sanstha, its mission has spread. We consider this as evidence of Sanatan’s socially benevolent mission”, added Mr Chetan Rajhans.

Now, the Police investigating the Dabholkar murder case should also be examined ! : Mr Sunil Ghanavat

Mr Sunil Ghanavat

“When agitating against the obscene paintings of Hindu Deities made by MF Husain, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti filed over 1,200 complaints against him. Hundreds of complaints were also filed against Jihadi Zakir Naik, ‘AIR’ complaints against Sunny Leone’s obscene website, etc. We did all this legally within the framework of law. We did not break any rules, nor did we disturb law and order while agitating. Not a single campaign was carried out without obtaining due permissions from the administration. Leave alone becoming violent, none of these agitations turned ugly. Just because Dabholkar was pressing for an Anti-Superstition Act, which we were not in agreement with, it is false and malicious to say that we murdered him. If indeed we were to be anti-social, no one would have dared to spread ‘Love Jihad’, carry out religious conversions, killing of cows, denigration of Deities, etc. Just because we Hindus are tolerant, which is known to everyone, such allegations are being made against us”, said Mr Sunil Ghanavat during the Press Conference

“We reported that Dr Dabolkar’s Trust has been receiving foreign funds. The ANiS Trust has fallen apart over foreign funding. We had been insisting then, and saying now too, that this aspect be investigated thoroughly and examined if the funds in ANiS Trust are the real reason behind the murder of Dr Dabholkar. Else, the malafide intention behind the allegation that only those who had a conflicting ideology were murdered would confirm that the investigation was aimed at deliberately entangling Hindu organisations in the murder cases with premediated intent. Within half-an-hour of Dr Dabholkar’s murder, Former Chief Minister Prithviraj Chouhan declared that this was the handiwork of people following ‘Godse’s ideology’, and thus misled the investigation. This false line of investigation is continuing even today. Who ‘taught’ this false notion to Prithviraj Chouhan ? Why has this not been investigated ?”, asked Mr Sunil Ghanavat.

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