Hindu girl raped by a religious fanatic at knifepoint in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh

Editorial comment

Hindus expect that BJP Government in Madhya Pradesh should make efforts to get such offenders sentenced to death !

Ujjain (MP) – An incident has come to light in Ujjain in which Mohammad Zaid raped the daughter of a temple priest at knifepoint. Earlier, a complaint was lodged against Zaid for molesting the same girl. Zaid was then arrested. He raped the girl to avenge the arrest. Police have arrested Zaid. The girl had left home to go to college. At the time, Zaid threatened to stab her and took her to a hotel, where he raped her.

Upon learning of this incident, local pro-Hindu activists staged a protest outside the Police Station, demanding strict action against the accused in the case of ‘Love Jihad’. Police found the contact numbers and information of several girls in Zaid’s mobile phone, as well as pornographic pictures.