Rape rates ‘Highest’ in India because women don’t wear Islamic attire Hijab : Senior Karnataka Congress Leader and MLA Zameer Ahmed

Editorial Commets

  • Desperate attempts of the religious fanatic Congress leader are obvious in supporting the Hijab.
  • Many women leaders, actors and athletes who are Muslim, don’t wear hijab; why doesn’t Ahmed talk about this ?
  • Where is the ‘progressive’ media, which howled at a Hindu leader and called him regressive for saying that girls are raped because they wear short clothes ! This is the two-faced character of the pro-Congress media that opposes Hindus when they say something about wearing decent clothes, but supports leaders of other sects when they talk about girls covering themselves fully when they grow up.
  • Why is Trupti Desai, who fights for women’s rights, silent on the Hijab issue ?

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – Senior Karnataka Congress leader Zameer Ahmed has claimed that the rape rates in India are ‘highest’ in the world as women are not wearing Islamic attire Hijab. Zameer Ahmed was responding to Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan’s statement on Hijab. Arif Mohammed Khan had earlier said that Hijab is not ‘intrinsic’ and ‘essential’ in Islam.

“Suppose we accept the argument that Hijab is intrinsic and essential, then, surely (sic) they will be aware that they can’t pursue any career after completing education. The result will be that they will become disinterested in pursuing education. Evil practices like triple divorce were banned. This (Hijab row) is another attempt to push the girls back to homes. Don’t allow this to happen”, Arif Mohammad Khan had told reporters in New Delhi.

“Hijab is Gosh-e-Parda in Islam. Maybe, he (Arif Mohammad Khan) doesn’t have a woman or a girl in his house. I am not sure. If he had a woman or girl in his house, he would have known”, Zameer Ahmed said.

“Hijab protects the beauty of a girl. It hides her beauty”, Ahmed added. “Today in India, I believe, the rape rates are highest. What’s the reason ? Because women are not under Gosh-e-Parda. One who wants to wear it, to protect her beauty, they wear it. And it is not since today. It’s since many many years,” Zameer Ahmed said.