Would supporters of Muskan help her if she is attacked by the MIM activists for not wearing burqa ? : Taslima Nasreen, author from Bangladesh

New Delhi – “What if Muskan did not wear burqa and MIM goons attacked her? Would people, who are supporting her now, support her?” Tweeted Taslima Nasreen. In the case of hijab row in Karnataka, when Muskan Khan wearing burqa reached the entrance of the college, Hindu students opposing hijab shouted ‘Jai Shriram’. At that time Muskan alone had opposed them by saying ‘Allah hu Akbar’ (Allah is great). Muslims are praising her for that. The President of MIM and MP Asaduddin Owaisi has also praised her.

Some more tweets by Taslima Nasreen

Those who say that hijab is a woman’s choice may say, being one of the 4 wives of a polygamous man is also a woman’s choice

People say burqa or hijab is women’s ‘choice’. Soon they would say being one of the 4 wives of a polygamous man is also a woman’s ‘choice’. Being a victim of domestic violence, reproducing many children and not inheriting equal share of properties also a women’s ‘choice’.

Parents pressurise girls to wear burqa and hijab

Muslim women wear jeans because they want to be like modern women. Muslim women wear burqa and hijab mostly because of the pressure their parents/relatives put on them, or they get brainwashed since their childhood to wear those anti-women garments.

If burqa was comfortable then all would have worn it

If burqa was a comfortable, fashionable, tasteful & elegant dress, not only Muslim men, all men & women and children regardless of their religious beliefs, would have worn that.

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