38 Chinese soldiers drowned in Galwan Valley clash : Australian Newspaper

Editorial comment

Most of the media has so far claimed that 40-45 Chinese soldiers were killed. Liar China has been denying this. However, the incident has made China aware of the capabilities of the Indian Army.

Canberra (Australia) – At least 38 Chinese soldiers have been killed in clashes between Chinese and Indian troops in the Galwan Valley in Ladakh in June 2020, reported Australia`s Klaxon daily newspaper. China has so far claimed that only four of its soldiers have died in the conflict.

The Klaxon formed an independent team of researchers for this inquiry under the leadership of Anthony Klan. This team released a report named ‘Galwan Decoded’. According to the researchers, on the night of 15-16 June 2020, 38 Chinese soldiers were drowned in a river at a very low temperature.

According to the report, based on the number of users of social media ‘Weibo’ in China, the number is 38. China later removed all the posts from Weibo. China announced Medals for all those who lost their lives.

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