If you want to meet your newborn baby and wife, accept Christianity

Hindu man forced to convert to Christianity by Father-in-law and other in-laws

Editorial Comments

  • Secularism and inter-religious harmony are to be followed only by Hindus, but other religions are free to propagate their religion and force Hindus to convert. When will it stop ?
  • Hindus feel how is it that even with a BJP Government in Karnataka Christians dare to indulge in such acts.

Chitradurga (Karnataka) – Marappa, a Hindu youth has complained against his father-in-law and other relatives in Hosadurga Police station. He has charged his father-in-law Vasanth Kumar and other relatives with protesting his coming to his wife’s maternal home to meet his child and wife. He will be allowed to meet them only after converting to Christianity. He has filed this charge against his father-in-law and other in-laws viz. Ramchandrappa, Sudhakar, Manjunath and Sankappa. (Realise that converted Christians fool Hindus by retaining their Hindu names – Editor)

Marappa alleged that at the time of marriage on 6th July 2020, his wife’s relatives forced him to take a dip in the holy water. Thereafter, he was declared a Christian. He further accused that they asked him to tear down the pictures of Hindu Deities and not worship them. If he worships them he will go to hell. Marappa has sought Police permission to bring his wife and child back home safely.

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