Maulana (Islamic scholar) Tauqeer Raza threatens to slap News18 anchor Aman Chopra on a live show

Editorial Comments

  • A person who makes such open threats on the live show of a news channel should be imprisoned.
  • How such Maulana must be behaving with ordinary people ? Has it ever happened that Hindu religious leaders have threatened anyone like this ! Realise that despite this, the Indian media tries to portray Hindus as Talibani and religious fanatics as ‘tolerant’.
  • Even before this, Tauqeer Raza, who remarked that ‘If Muslims take law in their own hands, then Hindus will not even get a place to hide in the country’, is still roaming freely, is a shame on the Police, the Administration and law and order of the country.

New Delhi – Maulana (Islamic scholar) Tauqeer Raza, President of Ittehad-e-Millat Council in a live programme, on ‘News 18’ a Hindi news channel, threatened the director Aman Chopra and said that if you do not treat us politely, then you will be slapped. When the news channel replayed Maulana Raza’s statement given by him earlier and asked for his opinion on it, then he threatened to slap the anchor.

  1. When Tauqeer Raza was made to hear his earlier objectionable statements, then he told Aman Chopra that if you talk to me courteously then I will also behave courteously; but if you treat me unfairly, I will hit you with footwear.
  2. On this threat of Tauqeer Raza, Aman Chopra asked him what exactly are you going to do ? Why did you originally make objectionable statements ?
  3. To that Raza threatened to slap Chopra. So, Chopra again questioned Raza how will you slap ? Will you treat me like Kamlesh Tiwari ? (Kamlesh Tiwari was a devout Hindu leader from Uttar Pradesh. He was killed by religious fanatics for allegedly making derogatory statements against Prophet Mohammad.)
  4. Maulana Tauqeer Raza has recently given his support to the Congress in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections. After which, his objectionable statements have started circulating on social media. Tauqeer Raza made the statement that the day the Muslims will take the law into their own hands, then Hindus will not even get a place to hide in the whole country.