Congress leader opposes construction of Sanskrut University in Karnataka, Islamists and regionalists join in

Congressmen who called Sanskrut University ‘useless’ had planned to set up an Urdu University in Karnataka !

Editorial comments

  • Hindus must realize how devastating it could be to vote for the Congress which opposes Sanskrut and loves Urdu !

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – After the Karnataka Government allotted 100 acres of land for the permanent campus of Karnataka Sanskrut University, Congress leaders and Islamists have started opposing the move. They have been joined by Kannada regionalists, who consider Sanskrut as an alien language.

‘Useless’: Congress leader opposes construction of Sanskrit University in Karnataka, Islamists and regionalists join in

The Karnataka State Congress Secretary and Spokesperson tweeted, “… Instead of boosting tourism sector of this Taluka, Government is allotting land to useless Sanskrut University”. The move has sparked criticism in Dravidian circles and people have linked the promotion of Sanskrut in the State to alleged Hindi Imposition. Sparked by Dravidian sentiments, the hashtag #SayNotoSanskrut was seen trending on Twitter alongside many tweets mentioning #StopHindiImposition.

The criticism seems to have sparked from the Kannada regionalists, who consider the promotion of any language other than Kannada – the State language – as an imposition. Dravidian sentiments alongside the Islamists are also at play to oppose the Government’s move.

Members of the Popular Front of India (PFI), an extremist Islamic organisation were also seen participating in the trend. PFI Karnataka State President Yasir Hasan while saying that any ‘foreign’ languages will not be tolerated in the land of Basavaraja requested people to resist this act of ‘Sanskrut/Hindi Imposition’. Our forefathers have nourished the ethnicity of this land with Kannada.