Four evangelists arrested in Madhya Pradesh for attempting the religious conversion of Hindus

Some vigilant Hindu villagers filed a complaint to the Police

A cunning ploy to convert the villagers by keeping Hindus names

Editorial comments

  • Hindus, educate yourself about Dharma without falling prey to the delusions of Christians. Live a happy and content life in any circumstances by doing spiritual practice. You need to realise, this will make your life worthwhile !
  • Madhya Pradesh is a BJP-ruled State and there is a law in place against religious conversion. Despite this, Christians dare to convert Hindus. This shows that they are not afraid of the law. They are expected to be severely punished.

Sehore (MP) – In the Guradi village of Sehore District, for the last few weeks, 4 people have been trying to convert the Hindu villagers to Christianity. They have been trying to lure the villagers. A Hindu resident of the village named Manohar reported this in the Ichhawar Police station. Some villagers handed them over to the Police. Police arrested them and filed a case under provisions of the Madhya Pradesh Freedom of Religion Act, sections 3 and 5. The names of the accused Christians are Tagraj, Rajaram Malviya, Sunil Malviya, and Tej Singh. (These fake Hindus do not change their names because it is easier to mingle with the Hindus and convert them. Beware of such scheming Christians ! – Editor)

In the past few days, some people were trying to lure the residents of Guradi village and pressurising them to convert to Christianity. They were saying, ‘there is no God other than Jesus’.

Bansal said in his complaint, the accused met me a month ago and pressurised me to accept Christianity. They met me again on 12th January and pushed me to convert. When I said, ‘I will not leave my Dharma’, they started to lure me – Your kids will get free education, you will get a job and your family medical expenses will be taken care of. Along with this, you will receive some money now and then.

After this Bansal filed a complaint and the Police arrested the 4 accused.

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