If India is forced to take action, Pakistan will have to pay a heavy price !

Army Chief Manoj Naravane warns Pakistan

Editorial comment

Not just a warning, India should now take direct action against Pakistan under the able leadership of the Army Chief !

New Delhi – ‘Pakistan continues to play foul on the border. There are frequent infiltration attempts by terrorists. Although these attempts are being thwarted by the Indian military, it only proves Pakistan’s hidden agenda’, Army Chief Manoj Naravane said in a statement, making India’s stand clear. In a warning to Pakistan regarding terrorism, Army Chief Naravane said, ‘If we are forced to take action, we will recover a heavy price’.

The 14th military-level talks were held between India and China. Army Chief Naravane was also present at the talks. In a press conference, he clarified India’s stand regarding border infiltration and its relations with Pakistan and China.

General Naravane said,

1. The Indian Army is ready for any action even on the border with China.

2. Positive developments have been taking place along the northern and western borders since January last year. On the one hand, while we are trying to bring peace through dialogue, the Indian Army is ready for any action on the northern border.

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