Police proactively remove posters asking non-Hindus to stay away from Ganga ghats in Varanasi

 Editorial comments

  • Realise that the Police, who remove the posters even when there is no complaint, avoid taking action when Hindus lodge a complaint.
  • With the BJP Government in UP, Hindus do not expect this to happen.

Varanasi (UP) – Posters in Hindi warning non-Hindus not to enter the Ganga ghats in Varanasi have surfaced across the city. The posters were put up by Vishva Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal. The names of the two organisations were found on the posters. Police have removed these posters. No complaint has been lodged in this regard. After the video of the posters being put up went viral on social media Police are searching for the culprits.

It was written in Hindi on the posters that non-Hindus cannot enter the Holy ghats. Ganga ghats and temples of Kashi are symbols of Sanatan Dharma, Indian culture, faith and belief. Those who have faith in Sanatan Dharma are welcome here. Otherwise, this place is not a tourist spot. It is a warning and not a request.

Non-Hindus violate the sanctity of the Kashi ghats – Bajrang Dal

Bajrang Dal Varanasi Coordinator, Nikhil Tripathi speaking to PTI said that non-Hindus are violating the sanctity of the Ganga ghats in Kashi. That is why they have been warned. This is a warning to those who do not have faith in Sanatan Dharma. A few days ago, a picture of a girl drinking beer was seen on the ghat. The ghats and temples here are symbols of Sanatan Dharma. If any such person is seen on the ghat, we will hand him over to the Police. (This is the job of the Police and the Administration, were they sleeping when such incidents happened ? – Editor)

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