Hairstylist Jawed Habib spits on the scalp of the woman who came for the hairstyle !

Editorial comment

Many incidents of the religious fanatics spitting on ‘tandoori roti’ have already taken place ! Such a disgusting mentality of the religious fanatics should be protested lawfully !

Muzaffarpur (UP) – A workshop of the hairstylist Jawed Habib was organised in Muzaffarpur. A controversy has arisen when his video of spitting on the scalp of a woman went viral on social media on 3rd January. Habib has not given any explanation on this to date.

Jawed Habib was giving a demonstration of how to style the hair properly on a woman. He held the scalp of the woman shook her head and spat on it and cut her hair. The woman hurt by this incident said, “My name is Pooja Gupta. I run a parlour named Vanshika Beauty Parlour and I am a resident of Baraut (UP). I attended Jawed Habib sir’s seminar. He invited me for a haircut on stage and he misbehaved a lot. He was showing if you do not have water, you can use your spit as well. I did not get my haircut done. I would get my haircut from any local shop, but never from Jawed Habib.”

While spitting on the hair, Jawed Habib said, ‘This spit has something in it !’ Habib said, “Her hair is bad as she hasn’t washed it with shampoo. If the hair doesn’t have enough moisture, you can use your spit.’