Beware of astrologers who spread misconceptions about full-time seekers of Sanatan

God takes care of even those who stray away from full-time sadhana due to some aspect of destiny or difficulties 

It is noticed that an astrologer, who is in contact with Sanatan, is spreading the following misconceptions about seekers who are performing full-time sadhana (Spiritual practice) under the guidance of Sanatan.

Criticism : The face of a person who has been doing sadhana full-time for 10 years should be radiant, however, it does not appear so on the faces of seekers.

Explanations : Radiance on the face is one of the many signs of spiritual progress through sadhana. There are many other signs such as Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) in the voice, blissful face, experience of subtle fragrance emanating from the person, commencement of chanting from the subconscious mind, etc. Hence, radiance on the face is not a necessary sign of spiritual progress.

Sadhana gets used up in reducing the intensity of destiny and suffering caused by negative energies. As the intensity of destiny reduces, the sadhana becomes better.

An ordinary person who does not do sadhana cannot identify the radiance on the face of a seeker.

Many Saints, dignitaries, spiritually curious people who visit Sanatan’s Ashram at Ramnathi, Goa have praised seekers in the following words – The faces of seekers in the Ashram are happy, are radiant, it feels good upon looking at them, etc. This appreciation from numerous visitors is an acknowledgment of the sadhana as well as the task being performed by Sanatan’s seekers unconditionally and dedicatedly for the Nation & Dharma.

(From this, it can be realised how such astrologers are spreading false propaganda about Sanatan’s seekers ! – Editor)

Criticism : Thoughts of Maya (The Great Illusion) should not even touch the mind of a full-time seeker. However, it is not so with Sanatan’s seekers.

Explanation : The mind of a seeker who is at a spiritual level of less than 70% is more or less likely to be touched by the thoughts of Maya !

Criticism : Some seekers have decided to perform full-time sadhana out of emotion. Hence, neither the purpose of their sadhana nor material pursuits are getting fulfilled. Then frustration sets in.

Explanation : Basically, to fulfil the purpose of human life, the best way is to perform full-time sadhana. God also takes spiritual care of even those who stray away from full-time sadhana due to some aspect of destiny or difficulties. Also, there is not a single instance of someone experiencing frustration by performing full-time sadhana in Sanatan Sanstha !

Keeping all this in mind, seekers should be aware of astrologers who spread misconceptions about Sanatan’s sadhana and seekers !

– Mr Virendra Marathe, Managing Trustee, Sanatan Sanstha (8.12.2021)