Schools will now have a holiday on Sunday instead of Friday in Muslim-majority Lakshadweep : Administrative decision

Muslims oppose the decision

Editorial comments

  • As Lakshadweep had a weekly off on Friday due to its Muslim-majority population and the Muslims there expect it to continue, Hindus should demand nationwide weekly-off on their religious day, i.e. Thursday, and the Central Government should accept it keeping in mind that India is a Hindu-majority country !
  • While India has been a secular country for the last 74 years, all parties so far should explain why Friday was given a holiday in Lakshadweep based on Islam !

Lakshadweep – In the Muslim-majority Lakshadweep, the Government has decided to give schools a weekly holiday on Sundays, as in other States, instead of Fridays. Lakshadweep Education Department has released a new calendar. It has declared Friday as a workday and Sunday as a holiday for schools. The new order deprives Lakshadweep of its Friday’s weekly holiday privilege for religious reasons, but this has led to unrest here.

1. Lakshadweep District Panchayat Vice-President, Joint Counsel P.P. Abbas has written a letter to Administration Advisor Praful Khoda Patel requesting him to reconsider the education department’s order. He said that the majority of the population in Lakshadweep is Muslim and Friday is a holiday according to their beliefs. Because it is considered a religious practice to offer Namaz on Friday. He has requested the Administration to hold a meeting with the elected representatives and other stakeholders to discuss the issue.

2. Lakshadweep MP Mohammad Faisal said that since the schools were opened six decades ago for the education of students, Fridays were a weekly holiday, while Saturdays were half-day work and half-day holiday. The decision to change the holiday has now been taken without consulting any school, District panchayat, or local MP.  This decision is not in the interest of the people. This is a unilateral decision of the Administration. Whenever there is a change in the local system, it should be discussed with the people. (The decision to have a Friday off was wrong. If it is being reformed now and it is being opposed, then the opponents should be dealt with severe action. – Editor)