Two minor children harassed, forced to eat beef and read Bible in St. Francis Sevadham Ashram in MP 

An order passed by the National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights to the Superintendent of Police to take action against it

Editorial comment 

  • Such incidents happen in Christian schools, colleges, orphanages and now in an ashram too; but Police and the administration always ignore them. To stop such incidents, establishing a Hindu Rashtra is the only alternative !

Sagar (MP) – An incident is being reported stating that two minor children in Saint Francis Sevadham Ashram in Shyampura here were forced to eat beef and read the Bible, and were being tortured for disobeying. Taking cognisance of the incident, the Commission for the Protection of Child Rights has given an order to the District Superintendent of Police for submitting a report and taking action against those involved in this, within 2 days. A brother and his sister were living in this ashram run by Christians. Their father has registered a complaint against the ashram in the Police Station.