Kerala High Court issues notice to Kerala Lalithakala Akademi

The case of Kerala Lalithakala Akademi awarding a cartoon that insults Hindu Dharma and Cow

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) – Kerala Lalithakala Akademi awarded twenty-five thousand rupees to a cartoon insulting Hindu Dharma, Nation, and cow. The petition is lodged in Kerala High Court on which High Court has issued a notice to Kerala Lalithakala Akademi asking for an explanation. Kerala Lalithakala Akademi is an autonomous cultural Institute in Kerala.

Petitioner has argued that the cartoon insults India in the first place. The cartoon publication took place; when many people had lost their lives, and many people had been fighting economic and psychological difficulties. The cartoon is an exaggeration done with a motive. The award should be recalled.

What is in the Cartoon about ?

In the cartoon, a world conference on Covid is depicted. The representatives of the USA, UK, China, and India are shown to be seated, and a cow rapped in Saffron cloth is shown as representative of India. The representatives of other countries are looking surprisingly at India. The cartoon has been named ‘Covid-19 in India’. Anoop Radhakrishna, a resident of Ponnurunni from Kerala, has depicted the cartoon.