Christian Missionaries are converting the Hindu refugees from Pakistan

Editorial Comment

  • It is shameful to Hindus that such things are happening in the Capital of India. Hindus organisations should lawfully stop such activities.

New Delhi – Hindu refugees, who came to India due to religious persecution in Pakistan, are living in camps in different parts of the city. A substantial number of them live in the area called Majnu ka Tilla. Now, it has come to the fore that these Hindus are being converted to Christianity.

Basic amenities are not given to these Hindus, yet. In such circumstances, Christian missionaries are collecting their information by alluring them with food and basic amenities. If Hindus do not reveal information, they are not given the promised basic amenities.

A Hindu refugee Urmila Rani claimed that three people were converted. She also informed that even though, they were preventing missionary organisations still they return with new names.

Priests affiliated with the temple also claim that these Hindu refugees are under considerable pressure to convert. Going against these missionaries entails creating trouble for one’s survival. The Christian missionaries forbid them from organising functions like Ram Leela during the Hindu festival of Dasra.