Religious fanatics pelt stones at a bus going to Datta Peetha in Karnataka, three injured

Editorial comment

A question arises in the minds of Hindus how could religious fanatics dare to pelt stones at a bus carrying Hindus on a pilgrimage, despite the BJP Government ruling the State ?

Kolar (Karnataka) – Shriram Sena’s activists, wearing Dattamala, were travelling in a minibus to Datta Peetha at Baba Budangiri in Chikkamagaluru in the State of Karnataka. They were chanting Jai Shriram on their way. As the bus reached Clock Tower in Kolar, religious fanatics pelted stones at the bus at about 11.00 p.m. on 13.11.2021. The incident took place in front of Vishal Mart near Clock Tower.

There was a fight between two groups on some trivial matter and Wasim Baig was attacked with a knife by Akbar Ejaz and Jummu. People were waiting there in groups and at the same time, the bus carrying Datta devotees passed by. Few of the fanatics present on the scene suddenly started pelting stones at the bus and even stopped the bus creating tension in the area for some time. The bus, however, left soon but 3 persons in the bus were injured. Police from the Kolarnagar Police station reached the place of the incident on getting information and brought the situation under control.

The activists of Shriram Sena staged demonstrations in front of the Police station demanding arrests of religious fanatics. They left as the Police promised them of taking necessary action.




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