To utter ‘Hindutva’ is politics’ : Ridiculous statement by Congress Ex-MP  and actress Ramya

Editorial comment

What else can be expected from Congress which appears to be allergic to Hindutva ? The whole life of Congress is spent in appeasing Muslims and hating Hindus. Now, Hindus only will end the political carrier of Congress.

Congress Ex-MP and actress Ramya

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – Saying Hindu Dharma is not politics, but saying Hindutva is. Hindu Dharma and Hindutva are two different concepts. Hindu Dharma is all-encompassing and has a love for everyone. (Would Ramya be able to comment like this for Islam and Christianity ? – Editor) Hindutva is just its opposite. Real Hindus have not yet followed this difference, commented Ex-MP, Congress and actress Ramya on social media.