Cows, cow dung and gomutra can strengthen the economy : Chief Minister of MP, Shivraj Singh

Editorial Comment

Cattle lovers feel that the Central Government should make efforts for this at the national level rather than for a single State.

Bhopal (MP) – We can strengthen our economy through cows, cow dung and gomutra (cow urine). You have to start doing it. Not now, but in future, we are sure to succeed. Many things like manure, pesticides, medicines, etc. can be prepared from the gomutra.

At present, we are trying to ensure that wood is not burnt in the cemeteries in Madhya Pradesh, instead,  Gaukasth (logs made of cow dung) are used, said Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan at a convention of women veterinarians organised by Indian Veterinary Association.

Shivraj Singh further said that no work can be done without cows and oxen. The Government should provide cowsheds and grazing lands for this; also by building cowsheds alone there will be no success unless people participate in it. We are trying to create awareness in Madhya Pradesh for this.