A group in the US attempts to erase the negative portrayal of Muslims in the movies

Editorial comments

  • When would they give a thought on why only the image of Muslims is portrayed negatively in the movies in the first place ?
  • The world is well aware of who is leading Jihadi terrorism, crimes, etc. If the same is being portrayed in the movies then, how can it be a negative portrayal ?

New Delhi – Muslims are underrepresented in movies. A Muslim advocacy group has launched an artist database with support from Disney to address portrayals of Muslims behind the screen. Kashif Shaikh, a Co-Founder and President of this group said that they are in the process of gathering information about the Muslim artists. The database includes profiles of actors, directors, cinematographers, sound technicians and other professionals working across the film industry in the US.

A report was prepared based on the movies released between 2017 and 2019 in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand. 39% of the Muslim characters were depicted as perpetrators of violence. 75% of the negative characters from the films were shown wearing Islamic garb.