Two Muslims begging in the guise of Hindu sadhus arrested in Ayodhya

Editorial Comment

Do Hindus ever beg like a fakir ? Then why are religious fanatics doing it ? It should be thoroughly investigated and revealed what was the purpose of doing such an act – To beg from Hindus or to plan their massacre.

Ayodhya (UP) – Police arrested two Muslim youths posing as Hindu sadhus wearing saffron clothes. They are identified as Suddhu and Muharram, residents of Baju village of Sultanpur District. With Diwali round the corner, as the Police is extra vigilant about terrorist attacks in Ayodhya, both of them were apprehended by the Police. Further investigation is underway.

When both were begging, the Police stopped them for interrogation. Their behaviour made the Police suspicious of them. Investigation revealed that they are Muslims. They revealed that some other people from their village have been begging for many years in the guise of sadhus.