There were no incidents of vandalism and rape in the attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh : Foreign Minister of Bangladesh

4 Muslims and 2 Hindus died; he accepts that many Idols were vandalised !

Editorial comment

  • You do not need an expert to say that the Bangladesh Government is making false claims to save face. To openly deny what the world has seen is a lie. Hindus feel that India should request an International Committee to conduct an enquiry and reveal the truth to the world
Bangladesh Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen (right)

Dhaka (Bangladesh) – “The actual situation is opposite of what is being propagated now. Only 6 people were killed in the recent violence in the country. Four Muslims and two Hindus were killed in a clash with the Police. One of the Hindus had a natural death, while the other died after jumping into a pond. Not a single incident of rape has taken place during this violence and not a single Hindu temple was attacked or destroyed. However, Idols were desecrated in some places, which was unfortunate”, said Bangladesh Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen for the first time providing (mis)information on the communal violence.

Dr Momen added that social media and some over-enthusiastic media have spread misinformation about it in an attempt to discredit the Government. The number of Durga Puja Pandals in Bangladesh has increased in the past few years as the Government subsidises them. (The Government may be giving grants and the Pandals may have increased; but the Government does not provide protection to them. Hence, religious fanatics are targeting Puja Pandals; why doesn’t Momen accept this fact ? – Editor)