Buddhists vandalised the Shree Bisari Devi temple in Uttar Pradesh

Panchshil flag waved by removing the saffron flag

Sub-District Collector assures in writing to compensate for temple vandalism.

Editorial Comments

  • Even after the BJP Government is in power still, the Hindu temple is vandalised. It is not what Hindus expect.  Accused should be handed down harsh punishment.
  • Buddhism is called the religion of peace, but looking at this incident, shall we assume that it is not correct ?

Farukhabad (Uttar Pradesh) – Some Buddhists have vandalised the Shree Birsari Devi temple situated in the Sankisa Buddhist pilgrimage area and waved the Panchashila flag by removing the Saffron flag. This incident caused a tense situation, and stone-throwing took place. Some people were injured in it. This incident occurred on 20th October during Dhamma Pilgrimage. After this incident Police officer and District Collector reached the spot. Sub-District collector has given written assurance of compensation for the temple vandalism.

Buddhists claim that the religious place is Buddhist Stupa from where Bhagwan Budha went to ‘Swarg’ while Hindus claim that the Shree Bisari Devi temple there is since antiquity and Deity Hanuman’s Idol is also there.