BJP-led Government in Haryana shows the courage to rectify a historic blunder : Mr Chetan Rajhans, Sanatan Sanstha

Employees of the Haryana Government can attend various programmes organised by the RSS

Mr Chetan Rajhans

 New Delhi – Employees of the Haryana Government can now attend various programmes organised by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). The circular issued by the BJP-led Haryana Government in this regard will rectify a historic blunder. Through this, the Government has shown the courage to correct the mistakes that have taken place in the past.

Mr Chetan Rajhans (National Spokesperson of Sanatan Sanstha) added that in 1980, the ruling Janata Government at the Centre collapsed and Indira Gandhi returned to power. The Congress had faced defeat for the first time in 1977 throughout India. The political brains of the Congress had realised that RSS was the only reason for their defeat. Therefore, after returning to power at the Centre and in various States in 1980, the Congress leaders formulated a rule for the Government employees that no Government officer or employee would participate in any programme organised by the RSS either at its ‘shakha’ or at other places.

This decision was but one example of the way the Congress Government had imposed restrictions on opposition while in power. This decision was a political vendetta; moreover, it also exhibited the fascist attitude of the Congress. This decision murdered not only Democracy, but also the freedom of expression conferred on the citizens by our Constitution. All the parties that came to power deprived the Government employees of their freedom of expression by following this decision over the past 41 years. Therefore, we can now say that the Haryana Government’s liberalism has restored the freedom of expression of the Government employees in the State. The way the signs of slavery need to be wiped out after Independence, the historical blunders committed by the earlier rulers too need to be rectified. The BJP-led Haryana Government has shown the courage to correct the mistakes as recorded in history, for which, it should be applauded.

Government employees can attend RSS programmes in Haryana

Chandigarh – In 1980, the office of the then Chief Secretary had banned the Government employees from attending RSS programmes, by issuing an order to that effect. A similar order was issued even in 1967, but both the orders have been cancelled by the present Haryana Government; therefore, the Government employees will be able to attend any programme organised by RSS.

The Congress Spokesperson Ranadeep Surjewala has criticised this decision by remarking whether the BJP is running the Government or the RSS ‘shakhas’ are running it.

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